The Case contains information presented by both parties during the trial of Simon Gittany.

Whilst viewing the site and especially this section we feel it’s important to note that sometimes the context in which information is presented is sufficiently compelling for us to draw conclusions. These conclusions may be correct or incorrect. We then hold firmly to these conclusions. One such example is used to illustrate how easy it is to come to a conclusion, consider the following:

A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total.
The bat costs $1 more than the ball.
How much does the ball cost?
Once you’ve thought about this, write down your answer and check it here.

With that exercise in mind, please take the time to view the content of this section:

The Defence
The Crown

If you have browsed through the website you will be familiar with the following summary:

Attention is drawn to the tragic event due to sound
The best placed individuals report a brief sound, they are closer to the sound source and “Not” behind trees.
The furthest placed individual reports hearing a sound that is sustained for five seconds, he is in the park and therefore behind trees
The best placed individual looks up immediately and sees a falling body
The furthest placed individual turns his head, then looks up and in his initial report, states seeing a “junkie throwing rubbish from a window”
Subsequently he changes his statement and says he saw a man unloading luggage
He states later that he is made aware, that the luggage was actually a body
The action he describes would require the mans hands to pass through a 1.2 meter high balustrade
The falling body hardly brushes the 15th floor awning and strikes the 14th floor awning with force

We assert it is impossible to “unload” an allegedly unconscious person in the manner described

Take some time to view the following the picture of the balcony:

Here are some relevant facts regarding the above picture:

The balustrade is 1.2 meters in height
When the scene was observed the pot plant was undisturbed
The pot plant is full of small white pebbles
The distance from the front door to the balcony is roughly 22 paces

It’s also particularly important to note how small the gap between the treadmill and the potted plant is.

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