Brandon L. Garrett – Author
In his book “Convicting the Innocent” Brandon L. Garrett, explores the main reasons why false convictions occur. He examines what went wrong in the cases of the first 250 wrongfully convicted people to be exonerated by DNA testing. Garrett’s investigation into the causes of wrongful convictions reveals larger patterns of incompetence, abuse and error. Evidence corrupted by suggestive eyewitness procedures, shoddy investigative practices and numerous other procedural and process weaknesses. Garrett proposes practical reforms. The book makes a powerful case for reforms to improve the accuracy of all criminal cases. The below links contain material relating to the book:

Library Collection of reference material
Book Review 1
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Michael Morton – Exonerated Innocent
Michael Morton was freed in October 2011 having spent nearly 25 years in prison.
“Innocent people think that if you just tell the truth then you’ve got nothing to fear from the police.”
“The conundrums of life, the philosophical paradoxes, the metaphysical problems — I feel like I get it now,” Michael Morton says with a smile. “I understand suffering and unfairness. I can’t think of anything better to receive than that. I’m good with this.” “Other people often feel far more anger than I do,” Morton told CNN. Innocent Man Gets 25 Years in Jail; Lying Prosecutor Gets 10 Days in Prison. The below links pertain to Michael Morton:

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The Book

James McCloskey
An extract from “Convicting the Innocent”: “What is more, not only do law officers frequently lie, but the primary witnesses for the prosecution often commit perjury for the state, and do so under the guidance of the prosecutor.” The below link contains excerpts:

Convicting The Innocent
The Case