Simon Gittany is innocent. He was wrongfully accused and subsequently wrongfully convicted. Simon’s family, friends and legal team are fighting for justice for Simon.

This site hosts content and publishes information that will help in exonerating Simon Gittany.

The unfair and biased treatment Simon received in the media may have contributed to confirmatory bias that resulted in this miscarriage of justice. It would appear that trading arduous investigative work for the ease of obtaining information is now the norm.

Wrongful convictions can impact anyone and no one is immune. The desired outcome of a trial is that the correct decision is made. The accused should be presumed innocent and treated fairly. A presumption of guilt could lead to tunnel vision in the investigation with a desire to obtain a conviction. A trial should be conducted where the accused is presumed innocent and convictions should only occur if guilt can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Without having the background of an attorney or a lawyer, no one in the team can claim to know the precise definition in legal terms of reasonable doubt. Nevertheless having taken the usual classes in English we can claim to have a reasonable understanding of the term. If two entities having witnessed the same scene have mutually exclusive statements, then we believe it is more than reasonable to claim that comes within the boundaries of reasonable doubt.

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