Presented on this page is a recording made in a secret by Lisa Cecilia Harnum of a late night conversation with Simon Gittany. Simon is asking Lisa for permission to spend time with his brother and some select friends. Simon was unaware that this conversation was being recorded. The recording was determined by expert Ajoy Ghosh to have been made on the 10th of June, 2011 at 11:16PM on CECILIA’S IPHONE. This strongly contrasts with the media portrayal of their relationship. Much was made of Simon monitoring Lisa’s texts. Whilst this was an inexcusable breach of trust, the recording of a private conversation with your partner in secret is no different. This recording was only discovered during preparation for the court case. Two sentences in the following transcript of the exchange, which are highlighted, were taken out of context by the media. We present the unedited recording and the transcript here in full:


  1. Elle says:

    Wow… How dodgey is the media to edit a recording as such of that context just being a innocent conversation between a couple, honestly I have had 10,000,000 worse conversations with my husband. Seriously this is insane!

    • Redsonja6 says:

      Yes my husband and I too have worse arguments – did the court hear this in its entirety? This conversation sounds like emotional blackmail on Lisa’s part to make Simon feel bad and he enables it unfortunately by trying to avoid confrontation. You can hear him trying to appease her and lighten the mood by playfully teasing, to detract fom where he knows thi s is going (the nice way or the other way, being a fight).

      • Administrator says:

        Hi Redsonja, you are exactly right. That is exactly what Simon meant by “we can do this the nice way or a different way”. One needs to be mindful of the fact that Lisa KNOWS she is recording Simon. Simon is not aware that he is being recorded, which adds a great deal of veracity to the authenticity of his character which is being displayed. An individuals behaviour will differ slightly when they know they are being recorded. When Lisa tells Simon that he goes out all the time with the boys, Simon does not believe this to be true, so he challenges her by saying “what the are you talking about?”. What one can see with hindsight is that, whilst Lisa at times during the recording is genuinely emotional, she may well have been recording this to show someone at a later date.

        • Redsonja says:

          Totally agree…there had to be a motive of some sort to record Simon, we just don’t know what it is. As a lawyer, it is scary to think that the very principles I have studied appear to be disregarded in this case. And I am sorry to bring this up, but I cannot help but wonder what the outcome would have been if Simon didn’t have a history with the policeman and if Simon were Anglo. I hate drawing the race card, but we cannot deny that it exists. And judges should be very careful of deducing guilt from a defendant’s perceived demeanour. A good cognitive psychologist can testify to this.

  2. Caroline says:

    The media are master manipulators, this audio is evident of that. I listened to this audio (in full) then asked myself these questions:
    Who, in this video is:
    a) Being controlling (not at peace with the other socializing with friends)?
    b) Breaching the others trust (by recording the other without their knowledge)?
    c) Being kind and supportive of the others issues?

    There is so much in this recording that dismisses the accusations made by the media and the justice system, against Simon.. After listening to this audio, I’m starting to believe Simon’s version of events more and more.

    Good luck with getting the truth out there!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Caroline, thank you for sharing your observations and viewing the information provided here with an open mind. We feel a similar way and believe that the recording is a compelling piece of evidence countering what the media has portrayed. We appreciate your contribution.

  3. Redsonja6 says:

    Wow…Simon is fully saying he respects Lisa’s nights out, it is in fact he who is asking with trepidation to go out with his friends and Lisa is getting defensive on this recording…not at all whet was played in the media. And why is she recording this conversation? Having worked with domestic violence sufferers, if Lisa was being dominated by Simon, as portrayed, she wouldn’t be restricting his movements. If she feared him that is…Sounds like they had a relationship where they both agreed to run everything past one another and control the other.

    • Redsonja6 says:

      edit : *past one another (auto text again! )

    • Ali78 says:

      I find it hard to believe that you have worked with domestic violence sufferers. As a survivor of domestic abuse, in what capacity have you worked with them? I can’t understand why you people continue to deny the facts. Condoning violence against women results in domestic homicide. And that is what happened here. RIP Lisa Harnum. He did not respect her basic human rights when she was alive and he will do the same in death. Denial is a huge part of how these guys work. You should get yourself plugged in and learn about the mind games these guys play, stop wasting your time on this criminal. He is now where he belongs. Rightly accused and convicted.

      • Moderator_4 says:

        Dear Ali,

        What human rights did Simon not respect of Lisa’s? We agree with you that Simon had no right to stop Lisa at the door in the manner he did. Simon more than anyone regrets his action’s to do so. However; we have seen the thousands of text messages between the couple, along with hundreds of videos and their relationship does not seem one of violence. Yes; there are a few rude text messages, two or three out of almost 5000. As a survivor of domestic abuse we would assume that you accept verbal abuse and physical aggression as a form of violence? Are you aware that Lisa Harnum told medical staff that her mother Joan Harnum verbally abused her and that her brother Jason Harnum was physically aggressive towards her?

        You brought up Narcissists in your previous comment and now reference mind games again. Are you aware that Lisa Harnum was formally diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder while she suffered from Anorexia and Bulimia?

  4. Anthony B says:

    Enjoy prison pal. Shame you’re not staying longer.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Anthony, have you taken the time to read the information presented on the site? We politely request that you do, as we feel there is a lot of compelling evidence supporting Simon’s innocence.

    • Sophie says:

      Anthony B, it is always easy to judge someone based on information fed by the media, and ultimately by the verdict.

      I can understand what Rachelle Louise is attempting to do; to shed some light on the facts, many of which were overlooked by both the media and the prosecution/judge. If you have taken the time to read the points brought across in this website, surely you nodded in agreeance at certain aspect of it.

      If Simon was someone you know well, would you still pose the same comment?

      • Moderator_4 says:

        Hi Sophie,

        It is always easy to judge someone full stop. Everyone has done things in their life that someone could critique or scrutinize. We never said Simon is the perfect person, and like every one he has made mistakes in his life. But we do not believe is he capable of murder.

        Thank you for your comments.

  5. Sylvia says:

    May I say I always hated the media and now this conversation just confirmed my feelings towards it again. It is unbelievable how manipulative media can be. I wish they showed the whole conversation on the news as this argument is nothing. Me and my husband argue much much worse when we want to let the steam off and I do believe I have a beautiful husband and have a lovely relationship with him.
    I am from a different country as well and my husband is Australian. I know it is hard when you are from a different country as you don’t have your old friends with you. It is hard when your partner wants more space and you have to give that space, but at the same time you don’t have the same support from friends and family as they are simply not here with you. I say all the time I want to go back home but both of us know I never mean it at all.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Syliva, we also believe that the full conversation in context is extremely important and hope that more people will be able to listen to it themselves. Thank you for your insight regarding your move to Australia and what no doubt must be a difficult situation, leaving your friends and family behind in the pursuit of love. All the best and thank you again for contributing.

  6. crystal says:

    See listening to this recording I do not hear that at all I hear Simon manipulating and fear in her voice I hear an abuser

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Crystal, can you go into more detail on your thoughts please? Thank you for your contribution.

    • Nic says:

      Hi Crystal

      I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you can hear that because the media has manipulated your view of the truth so heavily. I was the same as you in the beginning, I was also convinced Gittany was guilty until I dropped into the court hearing and started to hear/see the truth, I was shocked! And what was so surprising is that the media was omitting the important facts and even outright lying in some instances. It’s undeniable, I was there, I heard/saw the truth myself and then read what the media wrote about it.

      In fact, a lot of what the Police have suggested (in terms of the way Gittany murdered Lisa) is impossible too, even the experts have demonstrated this. The justice system is ruthless.

      It’s so so sad that Lisa Harnum died, but locking up an innocent man does not fix the situation.

  7. bernedette says:

    oh my god.typical trial by media, i believe he was innocent now. especially seeing how difficult it would have been to throw her over the balcony, from that conversation she sounds very depressed. i hope he can appeal and get all evidence heard.

  8. Bella says:

    When I first heard about this case through the media both on TV and online I truly believed Simon was Lisa’s killer. Now after doing so much research on the case, Hearing both sides and looking at all the evidence presented how can a normal person not have ‘doubts’ in what happened in those 69 seconds. How was Lisa deemed unconcious with no trauma to the body? Why was she still clutching her bag? Why was the awning below never sent for forensic testing? And most of all how can people believe the 4th audio witness outside when his story has changed from mumbles to an ice junkie screams? In saying that, Doubt lingers. I know full well what its like to suffer from a mental illness, To feel isolated and I also no what breaking point feels like and its sad to think Lisa may have been feeling like this right before her death. I was in the same situation last year, I felt trapped in a situation, A fight erupted – I ran, I was dragged back (I can see why now as my behaviour was erratic at the time), As soon as I felt I was free for a split second I ran grabbed a knife and slit my wrist resulting in 55 stitches internally and externally.. It all just happened so fast and my head did not think at the time “im going to die” I was just in such a state I made a mistake. Its very hard to explain this feeling in a post and it breaks my heart to think Lisa was probably in the same position as me. They obviously had a dyfunctional relationship and Simon has admitted to this but this does not mean he murdered her that day.. I feel for Rachelle, I wish I could contact her and offer my support – Shes clearly a smart lady and shes doing what any of us would do in her and Simon’s families situation. Its really a sad situation for everyone involved =(

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Bella, thank you for sharing your story. We genuinely hope that you’re feeling better after what no doubt sounds like a very traumatic time for all involved. We appreciate you taking the time to visit and share your story with us, we will gladly pass on your sentiments to Rachelle. If you so wish, we will also pass on your contact details – however we will wait for you to confirm that this is okay. Thank you once again.

  9. Lukita says:

    Will you be able to upload / publish this conversation widely for people to listen, as I think people should know what the conversation really is

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Lukita, we will continue to investigate channels to circulate this full recording. In the meantime, feel free to link any interested parties directly to the page so that they can listen to it for themselves. Thank you for your contribution.

      • Lukita says:

        If you may open a Facebook Page where people would be easily share and there are billions of people connected through facebook

        just an idea..

        • Administrator says:

          Hi Lukita, we’ve considered the option but are undecided at this stage. There are a lot of negative comments and sentiments on Facebook currently, but the idea is definitely worth pursuing and we will think seriously about it. Thank you for the suggestion.

  10. Amy says:

    If only the media had shown this version of the recording I think it would have put a lot of doubt in people’s minds. Whether Simon did it or not he definetly did not receive a trial which was dignified and free from media influence. Having followed the care closely I can not fathom how with so much doubt the judge found him guilty. There was not enough evidence to suggest either way and so he should have been acquitted. Prays go out to him and his family.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Amy, this is the reason we felt compelled to post the recording as it provides more insight into the dynamics of Lisa and Simon’s relationship. We will pass on your prayers to Simon and his family. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

  11. Lisa says:

    I have been following this case closely and must admit I believed he was definitely guilty. The court verdict was detailed and the judge went into meticulous analysis to arrive to her decision. However, in order to arrive at the Guilty verdict, the judge had to believe that Simon was in complete control of Lisa’s life and that she had no freedom. The judge did believe that. I think this recording pretty much debunks that assumption. Lisa appears to be just as controlling of Simon’s goings and comings and seems to use emotional blackmail to achieve her aim. He also appears happy for her to have nights out. The recording was definitely used out of context by the media including channel 7. That is wrong. My question is: when was this recording made? was it earlier on in the relationship? before things became more dysfunctional or out of control? and how was the recording found? and why was it not used by the defence to debunk some assumptions regarding Simon’s controlling behaviour?

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Lisa, to answer your questions it was made a month prior to the tragic incident. We are also of the view that it was used out of context by the media. The authenticity of the recording was validated to the Crown’s satisfaction in court by an expert Ajoy Ghosh – who determined through examination that the recording was initially made on Lisa’s iPhone. The recording was played, however Justice Lucy McCallum decided the following:

      Both the Crown and the accused placed reliance on that recording as revealing aspects of the relationship allegedly consistent with their own case. I have ultimately concluded that the recording is of no assistance in resolving the issues in this trial. I do not think it reveals that Lisa Harnum is a particularly emotional or over-sensitive person, as submitted on behalf of the accused. Nor do I think it shows the accused privately rejoicing in Lisa Harnum’s loneliness and isolation, as submitted by the Crown. I have not been confident to draw any conclusions from the content of that recording.

      Thank you for your comment. If you haven’t had a chance as yet we’d politely request that you review some of the other content here.

  12. Lukita says:


    If Simon is not guilty, I think it would be a crime to put him behind the bar really. We’ve already lost Lisa, and it would be another tragedy to lost someone who is not guilty

    To “introduce” Simon’s personality into public, I think it would be helpful if people can see lots of photos of him being surrounded by his friends, family, Lisa and Rachel

    So, maybe more photos and videos of Simon .. being uploaded here

    I do really hope the justice will be delivered in this case..

    Please let him know, that there are people out there who believe in him and care for him

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Lukita, we will pass your message on to Simon, we’re sure he will appreciate the sentiments. Regarding photos and videos, we do intend to post more content on the site in the near future. Thank you for the comment and the feedback.

  13. Deb says:

    What a master manipulator he is. The girl has no friends, no family around, he stopped her from working, stopped her from going to the gym, she sits at home all day because that’s where he wants her, and all he can think about is himself because he wants to go out with his friend. She’s obviously not invited, so who knows where he was really going. Where is the evidence that this was taken from her phone and not his? I can’t believe you seriously think this supports anything other than showing Simon as an extremely manipulative, selfish and uncaring person.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Deb, we don’t feel that you’re being neutral in your comments regarding this recording. The comments we posted in reply to your last comment address this, incase you missed it here it is again for you:

      In the secret recording made by Lisa Cecilia Harnum on the Iphone, when Simon asks for permission to hang out with a friend she says “But don’t think that at the same time you can’t have someone else can be included in these things too sometimes”. Simon Gittany replies to this by saying “Of course. But sometimes, sometimes its just us two you know. Like with you and Bec I dont want to get involved- Your nights are your nights and I don’t want to get involved and I am happy with you two you know what i mean spending time together. I think its great. its great for us and great for you and great for her. you know what I’m saying bubba?” Lisa Cecilia Harnum replies by saying “Mmhmm”. Bec is Simon Gittany’s cousin’s girlfriend. Simon Gittany introduced them and encouraged Bec to become friends with Cecilia. This is evident from a text Bec sends Simon Gittany in 2011 asking him when Lisa Cecilia Harnums birthday is so she can take her out because she is aware she does not have any friends.

      Lisa Cecilia Harnum then goes on to say “It hurts my feelings when the only person I have in my life tells me that they don’t want to hang out with me.”
      Simon says “I am here. I am here for you. No, No! I said once a week baby. Listen to what I say”
      Lisa says “Yeah well like you want to spend the whole day with them thats what I don’t understand”
      Simon says “Don’t take it to the extreme, its not a whole day.”
      Lisa says “Cause like you say once a week you wanna do that but you see him like every day anyways cause you guys are business partners”
      Simon says “Yeah but like its different, business bubba and I suppose when we get our shop we will be seeing each other every day because I will be there every day. So you know?”
      Lisa says “It’s like you know what, honestly Simon sometimes the things you say to me can be really mean”
      (Lisa starts crying)
      Simon says “They are not meant to be mean. They are not meant to be mean.”
      Lisa says “Sometimes they can be really mean to me and I don’t ..”
      Simon says “All I am saying is like..”
      Lisa says “I don’t do anything intentionally like ever to hurt your feelings, I don’t do anything like.. I just like being with you.”

      It appears as though Lisa Cecilia Harnum thinks Simon asking to hang out with a friend is “mean”. Do you think this is mean of Simon Gittany? Have you managed to listen to this recording in full?

      Regarding the authenticity of the recording, it was proven by expert Ajoy Ghosh that this recording was made on Lisa’s iPhone. This was also verified to the Crown’s satisfaction.

      • Deb says:

        I don’t really understand how providing a transcript adds anything further, other than again showing that this exchange was basically Lisa saying she wants to be included in Simon’s socialising as she has no other forms of social life and him rejecting that. He encourages her to see her friend Bec knowing full well Bec is busy with her new boyfriend – which he even mentions towards the end of the recording. What a cold, selfish man. As for being neutral – have you not uploaded this information in the public domain to get honest responses?

        • Administrator says:

          Hi Deb, you are entitled to your opinion, but we do not agree. Additionally, the vast majority of the feedback we’ve received thus far indicates many people do not interpret the recording in the same manner which you do.

        • Lukita says:

          Hi Deb,

          this might help a bit

          1. The conversation basically showing that what media said that Simon is controller, is might be right might be not. He is might be a controller, but Lisa is quite needy and therefore she is her own way, too, is also one. Which in a relationship, this quite be a normal thing, wife asking the husband to help around or husband asking the wife to do house chores. But, to judge someone as being a dictator, is only fair when really know that person well

          2. To say someone is being uncaring, is only fair if we are caring about others too (even toward people who we think negatively about, ie: Simon)

          3. No matter what teh conversation is really about, here is not about to debate how caring or uncaring, or who is the controller, it’s more about to FREE SIMON. Even though if it’s true he is a controller, a selfish uncaring person, it DOESN’T mean He is a Killer. And to put somebody innocent away behind a bar is really a very irresponsible and cruel. Just because someone has temper or having bad character, DOESN’T mean He is a Killer

          Having said that, we all have a temper of own, big or small. We also have a bad character of our own too, such as judging people … but it DOESN’T mean we gonna kill somebody one day….

          • Lukita says:

            Hi Deb,

            about Simon encouraging her to still meeting Bec, I don’t think he is being selfish, I think he was trying to keep Lisa thinking positively

            or even though He meant being selfish.. He might just being a guy…

            My husband always say to me this kind of words when I complain about my friends who I think don’t want to spend time with me

            I am also a very needy person and a controller in a way, by crying and begging my husband that I don’t have anybody else

            but my husband has somebody else that he has to care for as well, his family, parents, sister, brother…

            if my husband wouldn’t care about others, just me, he is also selfish and uncaring .. . to his family and friends….

            someone can’t be always caring to everyone, that’s mission impossible

            but at least, my husband still care for me and to his family

            also is Simon, cos it doesn’t mean he has a relationship with Lisa, so he has to cut off his relationship with his other important people of his life

            and beside he’s unaware that Lisa is having a problem with her bulimia (mental illness)

  14. Kathy says:

    I found this very difficult to listen to, as the music was playing over it. I also didn’t see that listening to the whole conversation changed the context of the section that was played in court. Sorry!
    Also I don’t know whether Lisa secretly recorded this conversation – maybe she did. But wasn’t this the phone that Simon gave her so he could monitor her text messages? Doesn’t this mean everything was automatically recorded, and this was his doing? Do you have verifiable proof that out of all the monitoring and recording Simon did, this one conversation was independently recorded by Lisa? If not, why would you even bring up that Lisa recorded it? It only accentuates what Simon did.
    Maybe I’m incorrect about this – either way, I think it’s a little hypocritical for you to present this as her being deceitful and untrustworthy, when Simon was secretly INSTALLING monitoring equipment within the home.
    You have said he monitored her because he didn’t trust her – but there is no evidence to confirm that she was actually untrustworthy – ie, unfaithful, stealing money etc.
    Secretly installing all these devices to monitor a person’s phone and movements is illegal. Even if Simon didn’t kill Lisa, he did commit a number of illegal offences against her that could have seen him imprisoned.
    Tragically, it took Lisa’s death for these offences to come to light.
    I hope you’re not offended by all my questions and you will take the time to answer all of them! I promise to read your site carefully, and any questions I ask will be motivated by discovering the truth.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Kathy,

      In the top left corner there is a little play button which you can press which will stop the music. Yes, Simon provided Lisa Harnum with a phone in April 2010. This recording is made in June 2011. That is almost one year after Simon provided her with a phone. Simon did not give her a phone to monitor her texts, he provided her with an Iphone as she had an old style phone. Simon installed the monitoring software on the phone in February 2011. We agree with you that Simon breached the trust and do not condone his actions at all. However, we do not believe that recording your partner in secret is any different. There is evidence that Lisa Harnum was unfaithful as she contracted an STI on the two occasions she visited Canada. These are documented in her hospital records which were subpoenaed by the defence and were also referenced in court. Thank you for being open minded and we are happy to provide clarification on any questions or queries you might have.

      • Carol says:

        I’ve heard that the STI she contracted was chlamydia – is this true? If she did contract it twice, how can you say she didn’t get it from Simon? Chlamydia is the most common STI, and in Lisa’s age group and Simon’s age group, approximately 25% of people have it, and most don’t know because it is asymptomatic.

        When symptoms do show, it’s usually weeks or months after the initial infection. So if she started getting bad enough symptoms to seek doctor’s advice in Canada, she must have had the infection back in Sydney. She comes home and contracts it again… this sounds more like she was being re-infected by Simon, not that she was cheating on him.

        I don’t know if you have other proof that she cheated or not, but saying she had an STI doesn’t prove anything, except that you have no respect for her dignity. If she had cheated, there would have been more evidence than some highly personal hospital records. And if you went to all that trouble, I’m sure you could have found more dirt on her.

        Meanwhile was Simon tested for STI’s? Could he prove that he didn’t infect her? Or was it a convenient excuse to justify monitoring her movements?

        I don’t think mentioning STIs as an isolated fact helps your case at all.

        • Moderator_4 says:

          Hi Carol/Zelda/Zoe/Laura,

          Yes. Lisa contracted it both times in Canada. The notes clearly articulate that Simon and Lisa were both treated (Lisa in Canada and Simon in Australia). Simon saw a doctor in Sydney who treated him. Lisa clearly articulated that she had given the news to Simon and she wondered why he was not more more upset with her. This was documented by the doctor treating Lisa. When she returned they were both STI free as per the doctor who re-tested. When Lisa returned overseas in December 2010 she tested positive again in January 2011. Another important factor to consider is Simon and Lisa’s intimacy was decreasing for reasons that we will not post. These reasons are also an attribute of the personality disorder.

          Lisa’s mother Joan also provided emails to the defence. Among the emails were emails between Lisa and another male who was not Simon. These emails were forwarded to her mother in December 2010 when she returned to Canada (while she was dating Simon). Can you offer any explanations as to why Lisa would forward emails of a previous flame to her mother during a relationship with another partner?

          If you would notice Simon did not bring up Lisa’s contraction in evidence (the defence team brought it up in the opening address), nor many other things he could have said about her because he did not want to denigrate her or make excuses for his behaviour. However, these reasons are important because it gives reason to why he did not trust her. We do not condone his behaviour or his choice to monitor her phone, we are giving you factual information when we are asked questions pertaining to certain matters.

  15. Lauren says:

    Wow.. Just wow!! I am usually not shocked by the medias manipulation of the truth & am always extremely frustrated that people accept what is represented in the media as fact, I was raised to research, to question & most importantly to think for myself.. However this shocks me!
    I have heard the edited version more times than I can count on tv, the Internet, read edited quotes in newspaper articles, ive listened to people’s judgments on it & even made some of my own, this recording in particular has been used to heavily influence the public on the character of Simon Gittany & it is shocking how far it has been taken out of context!! 
    I hope you manage to circulate this more, I found it quite difficult to find & I think it’s something the world should hear.

    I cannot speak of Simons innocence or guilt and I think that people need to remember that no one can, we were not there & therefore can only look to facts. We the public aswel as the media & even the judge have no right to judge & condemn a person based on their previous actions & our perception of their character! A conviction is meant to be based on evidence and to convict a person based on so little factual evidence is not only wrong it also sets a dangerous precedent,
    What does it say about our judicial system now & going into the future when a man is convicted based on a perception of character/personality. Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have read the prosecutions 2 key pieces of evidence (without which mr Tedeshchi said this would have been deemed suicide) were the CCTV footage & an eyewittness testimony.. 
    As disturbing as the CCTV footage may have been it did not show murder, my ex husband once lifted me by my throat & slammed my head into a door, I think that would actually look worse on film but it is not murder. When CCTV footage is excluded you are left with the witness who, as shown on 7s Sunday night, was surprisingly far away from the building & surprisingly unshaken.. If I had seen what he said he saw I would be in therapy for years! I digress, my point is that convicting someone based on one uncertain testimony is just wrong. Not to mention discounting evidence of false memory, I’m sure we have all in our own lives had times where we remember things differently to what actually took place & in my own personal experience a shocking or traumatic event is often quite difficult to remember accurately.

    Lisa’s death is beyond tragic & had the relationship  been in a different place or events had gone differently that day the outcome may have been different, I’m sure all involved wish it had, the notion of responsibility can be argued back & forth but at the end of the day a murder conviction requires a murder & sufficient evidence of such.
    I hope that justice prevails & that the truth of things like this recording help people to put aside their personal judgements, think for themselves & look at the facts.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thank you for your thoughts and comments. We’re sorry to hear about your struggle with your ex-husband and sincerely hope that you’re in a better place now. Our aim is to put as much information on our website for the public, so they are aware of the case in its entirety. Interesting point you made in regards to the judicial system and going into the future.

  16. Lukita says:

    To Free Simon team,

    people will never stop judging people… unfortunately people have a free will, that no body can control about it

    this is a tough time for Simon and people who care for him

    so, it might help a bit not to care what people say negatively about this case, but rather focus on to Free Simon task

    ignore negative people, because it just no use, it will be never ending

    if you are a believer, you know that Jesus and even God being negatively thought, being ridiculed, being ignored and being judged unfairly.. because people are people

    I hope you can still have that positive power inside you, that you guys really need to pursue for Simon’s freedom

    please find a way, anything.. to power your defence and keep moving forward until justice come

    never stop fighting .. never ever…

    ask Him for help, I’ve been there on a place where no one can help, no way to turn… I ended up turn back to God

    is he’s innocent, there will be a way to proof it

    my prayers with you ..

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Lukita,

      Thank you for your support and kind words. The Free Simon team will not give up on proving Simon’s innocence. God Bless you and your family.

  17. Me says:

    I can see right through secret recording poor lisa is so insecure she just wants to feel loved Simone is a cold blooded killer and you need to wake up RL and top being one of those pathetic women that see no wrong be a strong women

    • Moderator_3 says:


      You are entitled to your opinion but we do not agree. Have you listened to the recording as well as reading the transcript? Simon tells her he loves her on several occasions.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It is probably fair to say that Simon was controlling.
    It is also probably fair to say that there may have been a level of co-dependence in their relationship.
    It would be fair to say that Simon appears to infantalise Lisa, which may give an insight into his perception of women.
    These facts still don’t mean that he threw her off the balcony that day. He’s difficult to sympathise with, certainly, but there is reasonable doubt.

  19. Fiona says:

    How does it make you feel Rachelle that Simon is not over Lisa & you are just his in between girl? You say you are an intelligent woman but you start dating a guy (Simon) three months after his fiancee love of his life dies. What does that make you? If he is innocent, why did he start a new relationship so quickly after Lisa’s passing?
    To Australia, he looks like a sleazebag. If I was engaged & my fiancee suddenly died, especially under the circumstances of her/their/his death it would take me years & years & years to get over it. It would be so hard moving on seeing someone you love die like that!!

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Fiona,

      Thank you for your comment. Simon and Rachelle have known each other for over 5 years. Simon and Rachelle commenced a relationship in October 2012. That is one year and 3 months after the incident. They have never been given an opportunity to enjoy their relationship as they have spent their time working on the case. Simon has not yet had the opportunity to mourn the tragic death of his fiance as one normally would, because he was immediately charged with her murder. Rachelle provided a support system to Simon as he became an outcast to society. This would be a difficult thing for one to deal with on their own.

  20. A says:

    I was in a relationship with someone like Gittany. I am so glad I am not anymore – I coudn’t handle the frustration of living with someone who didn’t see why it wasn’t enough for me to just want to be with him at all times. I was young and wanted to enjoy friendships and going out and he definitely didn’t like the idea. Probably through fear of losing me. Regardless, he had a very immature way of approaching our relationship and its issues. I commonly didn’t feel listened to; never felt understood. His views were set in concrete and I would become a ball of frustration, wondering why this person I loved and did everything for couldn’t see things from my perspective. Leaving was hard – I thought I loved him and I feared life without him because I had become so dependent.
    I felt like I had no one to turn to. My family were so far away and he was all I had.
    Sometimes, we would have these arguments and I would be so frustrated and upset that couldn’t see things from my perspective (for instance thinking my friends were bad influences; not seeing a problem with calling me every 5 minutes; saying “i can’t understand why you can’t see your friends during the day when I am not here and not at night”; didn’t like me to even have a drop of alcohol ever) and I would lash out in a way that was uncharacteristic of me. Once, I smashed a glass and proceeded to slash away at my own wrists. Other times I would scream and pull at my own hair. So not like me, but a sign of a very distressed and frustrated person. A person screaming at the person they love to pay attention! To stop being so cruel by controlling the person who loves them.
    Anyway, I can see Lisa may have been in a similar situation. If we conclude that Gittany did not kill her, we don’t necessarily need to jump to the conclusion that she deliberately jumped, was suicidal. I’ve been in her shoes, I didn’t want to die when I slashed at my wrists. I wanted him to pay attention, give me the empathy I deserved.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi A,

      We are not sure what you mean, in this recording Simon Gittany is encouraging Lisa Harnum’s friendships. We are sorry to hear of your experience and hope you are in a better place.

      • A says:

        Apologies if I wasn’t clear.
        There is a public perception about Simon Gittany’s approach to their relationship. This is only one piece of evidence and as you will see, some have interpreted it as evidence of Simon alienating Lisa.
        But this is not my point. My point is that even if we accept that theirs was an unhealthy relationship and Gittany was behaving like an emotional abuser, it still doesn’t necessarily mean he is guilty of the act that they say he is guilty of.
        I used my situation to illustrate how it is possible for a person frustrated with their partner and situation can “act out” in ways that may appear to be suicidal, even if their intention isn’t to kill themselves.
        I think whether Gittany was a loving and supporting partner or not is irrelevant. It’s whether you can reasonably conclude that Simon’s versions of events ON THAT DAY are plausible. In my opinion, based on my own experience and leafing through this website, I believe you can.

        • Moderator_3 says:

          Hi A,

          Thank you for your opinion and your view. Thank you also for taking the time to read the information presented.

  21. A says:

    In addition, I had spent five years of my life in this “trapped” situation. I was young at the time and felt I had missed out on living my life because of the control. Sure enough, when I was allowed to go on a holiday with my mother, I did all of the things a girl of my age should have been doing – making friends, going on nights out etc. This led to a brief affair while I was abroad. My behaviour upon my return must have aroused my partners suspicions and he installed spyware on my computer. A drastic, somewhat immature reaction from a man of his age. He did find out, it did bring out the emotional manipulator in him. But, much as I am glad I am not with him and would steer clear of men like him, I am certain he would never lift a finger to a woman.

    • Bec says:

      Hi A. What do you think is worse?
      a) Having a gut feeling that your partner would lie to you and cheat on you, to the point you have to monitor their computer, just to find out your instincts are right, that they have lied to you and cheated on you?
      b) Lying and cheating on your partner

      Your boyfriend probably just really loved you and what you consider as controlling, was probably just his fear that he would lose you. You said yourself, that the first opportunity he gave you to go on holidays, you cheated on him and kept it from him.

      I think it sounds like he was in a world of pain for those 5 years too, and it must have been painful for him when he learned you cheated on him. I’m sorry, I dont want to sound like I’m being mean, but everyone has the right to the truth and if he didn’t monitor to your computer he may well still be wasting his time in an untrustworthy relationship. I hope he has found someone he can trust.

      • A says:

        Deciding what is worse is irrelevant.
        My point is merely that the act of installing spyware and not trusting ones partner DOES NOT MEAN the person is a murderer. Do you follow?
        I am of the opinion that Simon Gittany is innocent. I don’t think he threw her from the balcony. I thought by sharing my story people might understand that while you mightn’t like the guy or his way of approaching aspects of their relationship, it isn’t enough to prove that he is guilty of an incredible act of physical violence.
        I’ve said it before: the majority of the public dislike Simon. Getting him out of prison needs to be based on the fact that there IS reasonable doubt. Trying to convince people to change their perception of his character isn’t anywhere near as important as the former. I sincerely hope that his case is reviewed objectively.

        • Moderator_3 says:

          Hi A,

          We thank you for sharing your story and we appreciate your opinion. Thank you for taking the time out to share your experience and your thoughts.

        • Bec says:

          Hi A. You’re right, it is irrelevant. Sorry if I came across harsh in my previous message. I agree with you, I also believe Gittany is innocent. I also agree with you that a dysfunctional relationship can certainly bring the worst out in people and make them irrational.

  22. Rachel says:

    I am not sure that I as a juror would not have convicted Simon, even after hearing this tape. His selfishness shone through.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Rachel,

      We’re not sure how you have reached this conclusion. There is a great deal of evidence supporting Simon and his claims. Have you had a chance to read the information we have presented as yet? Thank you for your comment

  23. Maria says:

    Simon was very sweet to Lisa. He did not say anything wrong to her. It is normal and healthy for a couple to spend time apart. They can’t be together 24 hours a day. A wife /girlfriend should support a husband to spend time with his family. I think he’s a nice guy !!! There’s no way after hearing this he would hurt her

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback.

      • maria says:

        Very welcome. How can one write to simon ?

      • Maria says:

        That’s ok. He shouldn’t feel alone. There are people who care for him and support him in this matter. People are cruel out in this world and are quick to judge. I wish him all the best. If he keeps his faith strong and his belief in God a miracle will come. I will be praying for him and his family. If you could pass this on to me it will be appreciated .

        • Moderator_3 says:

          Hi Maria,

          We will most certainly pass on your prayers and wishes to Simon Gittany and the Gittany family. God Bless you and your family also. Thank you again for your kind words and support.

    • Maria says:

      I’m married and I always encourage my husband to see his parents and brothers !!

  24. Maria says:

    I stand by him a 100%. He should be let free !!!! May god be with him and his family. I support his appeal !!! What can we do to help !!!!

  25. Nicole says:

    Firstly I honestly can not understand why people are being so nasty to Rachelle, I don’t know the girl but I still feel compassion for her. Even Lisa Harnum’s mother acted with grace, dignity, respect, compassion and control and requested that “the public respect ‘both’ families at this difficult time”, and gee wouldnt you say if anyone had an excuse to act irrationally it was Lisa’s mum? But total strangers can’t find enough control to fight their anger, I’m genuinely in shock at how nasty and spiteful some of you people are being. Whether Gittany is innocent or guilty, Rachelle is innocent. She believes in her boyfriends innocence and is standing by that despite having so many people against her. I respect her loyalty and courage. And if Rachelle reads this message, I wish you strength and I hope you are surrounded by kind and supportive people.

    • Nicole says:

      Secondly, about the recording. I am struggling to see how anyone can hear that Gittany was anything other than overly patient. I think it completely changes everything for this case. My partner is lovely, but even he wouldn’t remain that patient if I started on him like that while he was trying to get to sleep. But then my partner would never have to ask my permission to see a friend once per week either.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for your kind words. We will pass on your lovely remarks to Rachelle. We also do not understand why the public are hurling abuse at Rachelle when they are apparently appalled at Simon’s alleged abuse and mistreatment of a woman. It is definitely a double standard.

      • Nicole says:

        Yes definitely hypocritical. They are abusing an innocent woman, but yet they say their anger is due to the abuse towards women. I think they have lost sight of their objective here. This case makes me sad, on all accounts.. Anyone who finds it an excuse to be angry, is obviously just an angry person.

  26. Fiona says:

    I’m still waiting for my reply. I noticed you deleted my comment. Makes no sense why you don’t have the intelligence to answer my legitimate question! No surprise there

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Fiona,

      We believe we have approved and replied to your comment. Which comment do you believe to be deleted? The comments all come through and we approve and reply.

  27. Ayva says:

     One thing everyone has forgotten to bring up here
    Which is very compelling, Lisa called her mum the night
    Before & told her to take Michelle’s Richmonds details down, made her repeat the details,
    Then told her mother if anything  was to happen to me call michelle
    Then told her she loved her & Jason..hmm wonder why Lisa would do that??
    Perhaps another cry for attention?? Another compelling peice of evidence
    Is the note found in Lisa’s  pocket, she must of showed someone that note…why did the young lady feel the need to write down on paper theres cameras inside the house.
    Finally why wouldn’t 
    Simon answer Joan’s text msgs..She was begging him to let Lisa go home & begging to talk to Lisa, Simons answer was “the police told me not to respond to ur msgs & not to talk to you” Why would police say so? He wasn’t a suspect in the murder till 3 days after the death. At the end of the day Strickland was hired to do what this website is trying to do..why didn’t strickland bring up your compelling evidence? ESP about the awning examination ? You can interpret 1 incident in a million ways & in a million scenarios..but only Simon, Lisa & God know what happened in these 69 secs R.i.p Lisa 

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Ayva,

      Joan Harnum says that Lisa Harnum made her take down all the details of Michelle (phone, email, website etc). Now Lisa Harnum allegedly told her mother Joan to call Michelle Richmond if anything happened to her. Joan Harnum NEVER calls Michelle Richmond. Joan calls Simon Gittany repetitively and texts him repetitively the following day. Joan Harnum even says she has drafted an email to the Australian authorities because she was worried and was expecting to hear from Lisa the next morning. But Joan never rings the person who her daughter allegedly told her to phone if something happens to her in her last conversation with her? In fact she sends Michelle Richmond an email. Now Lisa often tells her mother of the counsellors name etc that she is seeing. Joan knew of Peter Bablys and Lisa sends a text to Joan about going to see Helen Sharwood “All good mamushka just saying hello and reminding you that I am always thinking about you. Going to see the psychologist today. Pray for me hehe. Love you xoxo haven’t got a reply from jay jay. Left two messages xx“. There is also text messages where Lisa tells Joan that she is seeing Michelle Richmond. In Joan’s explanation of the last phone call she said that Lisa said “Please call Michelle, my counselor, if anything happens to me”. If Simon does not allow Lisa to have any friends and her only two friends are Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown, why does Lisa give Joan an explanation as to who Michelle Richmond is?

      If you search Michelle Richmond in google by typing in her name, you can easily find her website. Joan Harnum was aware of Michelle Richmond’s name.

      If you go to this website you will notice there is no contact number nor is there a direct email. The only way to contact Michelle Richmond is by filling out the enquiry form online on her website. This could explain why Joan Harnum never phones Michelle Richmond, but sends her an email. One needs to keep in mind that Michelle Richmond only knew Lisa Harnum for 8 days. Lisa Harnum was referred to Michelle Richmond by Lisa Brown. Lisa Brown organized the exchange of numbers between the two. There were never any emails provided to the defence between Michelle Richmond and Lisa Cecilia Harnum, and there is really no reason for either of them to email one another, as they kept in contact via phone. One can be suspicious about whether Lisa Harnum actually ever had Michelle Richmond’s email to pass on to Joan Harnum. After Joan Harnum contacted Michelle Richmond (there is no evidence whether this was a direct email or via the enquiry form online) Michelle Richmond acknowledges that she wrote back to Joan Harnum with her phone number. There is evidence of the reply email to Joan Harnum from Michelle Richmond in which Michelle Richmond provides her phone number to Joan Harnum. Joan Harnum provided all of her emails to the police, but there is no evidence of the alleged direct first email which Joan sent to Michelle Richmond.

      We also find the purpose of the letter puzzling. It was common practice for the internal cameras to only be turned on for security purposes if the apartment was vacant. The external pinhole camera was always on. The cameras were installed for security purposes. We can’t comment further on the note, because the reality is that we do not know anything about it outside of the fact that it existed.
      James Drivas was called as a witness by the crown. He stated he installed the cameras and he showed both Lisa Harnum and Simon Gittany how to use them. The cleaner was also called by the crown. She also confirmed that Lisa Harnum and Simon Gittany had informed her about the cameras as well.

      Simon Gittany was with police officers not long after the tragic incident. Simon was at the Surry Hills police station until approximately 8pm that night. Simon Gittany was told by the officers not to respond to Joan Harnum’s messages. Even the following day when the messages from Joan Harnum were being sent to Simon Gittany he called Surry Hills police station on more than one occasion and informed the officers that Joan was messaging him and could they please have Jason Harnum her son with her when they tell her the tragic news, as Simon did not want Joan to be by herself when she heard the tragic news. Simon Gittany was given instruction not to speak to Joan Harnum or reply to her messages.

  28. Maria says:

    When will the appeal start ?

    • Moderator_4 says:

      Hi Maria,

      We are not sure. We do not know how long the process actually takes. We will keep you posted. Thank you.

      • Maria says:

        Ok thanks. Will he be applying for bail ? I also heard that Lisa had fainted before she fell over balcony is that true

        • Moderator_4 says:

          Hi Maria,

          We are not sure if Simon will be applying for bail. No, Lisa did not faint before she fell over the balcony. She lost her footing as the awning is much lower than the level of the balcony, and subsequently fell.

          • Maria says:

            Simon should apply for bail and take a lier defector test to prove his innocence !!! He should fight for his life. There is a lot of people who support him.

          • Moderator_4 says:

            Hi Maria,

            We are in the process of finding a way to do this. Thank you.

  29. Sue says:

    I have listened to the audio 3 times and all it has done if reconfirm something I suspected from the start…and that is Simon Gittany is a the extreme.

    Maybe this will help you understand it why I say this..

    One of the most common personality characteristics of the sociopath is their grandiose sense of self and entitlement. Sociopaths also often display a lack of remorse and most have a very manipulative personality covered by superficial charm. Sociopaths often use people as a means to getting what they want. Friendships and romantic partners are often frequently disregarded and replaced when the relationship no longer suits their self-centered needs.

    The emotions of a sociopath may appear to be sincere on the surface, cleverly disguised by superficial charm and feigned interest. Many sociopaths use manipulative measures to draw others to them. Chronic lying is characteristic of nearly all sociopaths. Recklessness and aggressive behaviors are other characteristics, as well as impulsiveness. A lack of remorse, or what is generally termed conscience, is typical for sociopaths.

    Sorry – but Simon Gittany is in the best place he could be in..

    • Amina says:

      Everyone seems to have a different opinion of Lisa’s secret recording. Simon sounds sincere and patient in this recording to me. I am not saying Simon is innocent but this does not sound as bad as the media portrayed this to be. I think it actually shows alot more of Lisa’s personality than his.

  30. Lukita says:


    hope Simon is doing well

    and looking forward to hear more great news from him

  31. Moe says:

    Wow, master manipulators alright… Appeal process gonna be very interesting

  32. Ali78 says:

    We can do this the nice way or a different way. That is threat. You start to hear him raising his voice. He is not trying to diffuse the situation by playfully teasing he is infantalising her and trying to make her feel like she is stupid and a baby for having emotions. Gaslighting is a favourite tool used by narcissists. He was grooming her and trying to make her compliant. He controlled every aspect of her life. Why even ask if her friend messaged her back? He already new because he monitored her every move and read all her messages anyway.

    • Moderator_4 says:

      Dear Ali,

      We would have to respectfully disagree with you on that point. Couples argue all the time and we take the opinion that Simon meant that they could argue about it or talk nicely. Simon is not yelling at all on the recording. Interesting that you raised the point about narcissists. Are you aware that Lisa was formally diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder after months of observation in hospital?

      The reason that Simon asked Lisa whether Bec called her is because Lisa says “Other than Bec, Who do I have? And now I already see that now that Bec’s got Joe back- she ain’t gonna want to hang out with me. she.. she.. what does she call me? I called her today. Once. Did she call me? No. Yesterday…”, to which Simon replied “Did she call you?” Lisa continues “.. she was hanging, when we were hanging out. What did she want to do? she wanted to leave so she can see Joe”. Simon tries to comfort Lisa and says “No. No. She was tired, do you know what time she left?” Lisa replies “What did she want to do when she was here? She went outside, the second she went outside what’d she do? She calls joe. She tells, he’s here. come come. like when I know that its..” Simon again tries to comfort Lisa and says “You know they are at the beginning of their relationship”. Lisa replies “But its going to be the same thing and I know it and I’ll tell you right now and it’s going to be like that too”.

      It is evident from the text messages between Bec and Lisa that their contact slowly deteriorated when Bec got back with her partner Joe; but this is natural when you get into a relationship as you begin to spend time with your partner. It is because of this reason that Lisa was upset with Bec; taking the belief that Bec had used her to get back with her partner Joe, because her partner Joe was cousins with Simon.

  33. ulysses says:

    Don’t forget that the judge ruled that this recording was stored on Gittany’s iPod not Lisa’s phone and she also ruled that she didn’t believe that it was recorded intentionally.

    • Moderator_4 says:

      Dear Ulysses,

      Unfortunately you are incorrect. Ajoy Ghosh was an expert who established the recording was initially made on Lisa’s phone. Simon and Lisa used the same computer to sync their iPhone and Simon also used this same computer for his Ipod. Simon and Lisa’s texts/contacts became jumbled into one another’s phones, confirmed by a text where Lisa actually articulates this happening to a friend of hers (after she synced her phone in the computer). This explains how the recording duplicated on to the Ipod within the songs. This was Simon’s evidence establishing how he came across the recording. Can you advise how someone can accidentally press start and stop on the voice memo’s app on an Iphone? Seems highly implausible.

  34. Bethany says:

    The two of them sound very immature in this audio. I don’t think it displays him as a monster, I think it almost displays her as needy BUT if she was that needy and it was a ‘nuisance’ to him, then why was he with her?

    What I get from this audio: He speaks to her like she’s a child and when she doesn’t act the way he wants, he gets narky. She knows how to push his buttons and is no wall flower, but this conversation is so immature and trivial.. I cant believe that a grown up couple that live together and are engaged to marry are even having a conversation about how many times they’re ‘allowed’ to socialise with other people..

    So childlike!

  35. sophia says:


    I would just like to say that we all have our issues and ups and downs in relationships and yes sometimes we get so angry when we are provoked which does not allow anyone the wight to put there hands on their partners and i am sure the ones that do are deeply sorry. Lisa’s actions and her secret recordings and hidden notes in her jeans are a sign that she was planning something all along, she knew simon had a temper and used that against him, every move she made and every conversation she had with her mother was intentional to get simon where he is today. why would someone write a note about surveillance and put it in their pocket if they didn’t know what their next step was?? she knew leaving simon would make him angry no doubt and that the cameras would prove his behaviour and therefore she intentionally wrote a note for authorities to find it and frame simon for her death. Lisa suffered from neurotic disorders and who knows what was going through her head or which voice was controlling her actions. Lisa climbed over the balcony and jumped. Simon has sisters and no way in the world a devout christian with morals and beliefs would kill a woman, no matter how angry one could get if you come from a good family you would think twice. I do hope Simons case gets reviewed. Bless

  36. jlapinski says:

    After hearing and seeing the cctv of lida harnam clinging onto the balcony .Holding or clenching her bag?why would a person who was so frightened be bothered about the handbag?my thoughts are quite clear .she slipped and fell.trying to grab her handbag.simon saw what happened n.that’s why his arms were outstretched.trying to catch her.yes he had a past of violence but not on.this occasion
    I believe he went in the lift as he was shocked at what happened.and was probably wondering what the hell is going to happen next. Free simon he does not deserve to spend the next 18years behind bars.

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