This page follows on from the information provided at Useful Read for the Accused – Part 1.

Whilst preparing your case it is imperative that you obtain as much information as possible. One such piece of information is the running or run sheet. This chronicles the investigation and gives it a timeline. The sheet contains detailed records of the Police activities performed during given periods of time. The record of activities contained in these forms provides valuable information on the nature of the workload, the time spent on specific activities and the outcomes of these activities. The following is a list of additional material that you should request:

All occurrence pad entries
All criminal incident and intelligence reports
All statements made to or made by the Police
All Police duty books
All Police note books, identified by name
All hand written notes made by Police
All photographs, videos, diagrams and sketch plans
All prisoner property records, dockets and entries
Any fact sheets
All charge sheets and books
All search warrant applications
All critical decision logs
All records of key meetings

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