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Innocence has little do with your case. When you are accused and go to trial you are participating in an “adversarial system”.

Do NOT ever forget that.

You must prepare yourself for the discovery that very few people involved in the criminal justice system care whether or not you are innocent. Virtually everyone is processing the case in front of them according to some procedural guidelines.

You have to help yourself. You have to be involved in all aspects of your case. DO NOT leave it solely to your legal team. Find the holes in the evidence because that is what will set you free, get focussed and stay in touch with your lawyer, challenge everything and remain actively involved. Strive to be proactive rather than reactive.

The next few pages will consist of material that you should have your legal team obtain or at the least become familiar with. These resource pages will be frequently updated and added to. This is not an inexhaustible list and note we do not make any claims that it is as such.

Ad Hoc Material
Make sure your legal team has plenty of time to prepare. Preparation is vital. We can’t emphasise strongly enough the importance of preparation. Evaluate the team and ensure they are passionate about your case. It is very important to meticulously check any information that is sent. What has NOT been sent may be of critical importance. For example, sequential data from a swipe card record which has large gaps. Information is often sent out of order and this can be misleading and very confusing. The information is likely to be provided in a format that is not easy to edit. Take the time to put the data into an editable, chronologically ordered format as it will pay dividends.

Useful Read for the Accused – Part 2
The Case