General information regarding misconceptions in the media.

Simon Gittany is unfairly portrayed as a “bully” and a cold calculating heartless entity. This is almost entirely based on hearsay obtained from one source, the deceased. Within a short period of time, the defence was able to obtain signed character references from over 40 diverse sources. A senior priest who has known Simon for 20 years gave him a glowing TV testimonial. If Simon was so cold and calculating why did he not simply get rid of the evidence on the pinhole camera. It was so well concealed it would not have been found. Simon freely informs the police about its existence and location.

Lisa Brown (Lisa Cecilia Harnum’s trainer) and Michelle Richmond (her life coach) are very concerned for her well being, and feel that she only remains with Simon due to her position of financial hardship. However, it was discovered that while Lisa represented herself as destitute, and was portrayed by all as this penniless person who had no choice but to stay, she actually had $58,570.34 in her bank account. Regardless, Lisa Brown and Michelle Richmond would not have known this, so why did they not offer assistance, and take Lisa Cecilia Harnum in and help her to relocate.

From a combination of message logs the texts show that 4125 are smoochy, innocuous and these is repeated many times, out of this large number of texts, 5 text are deemed to be aggressive. That is a very small number over a period of 18 months, I am betting that most couples, quite likley have at least one argument a month and that this could and most likely would cause a flurry of messages.


  1. Natasa says:

    I cant believe how the media has portrayed Simon. Why wasn’t Michael Jackson or Princess Diana on the news as much as Simon and he is not a celebrity. Funny how the media only put out what they want you to see.
    My prayers are with you all

    • Moderator says:

      I guess the answer to that is that the salacious sells and the factual suffers, innuendo and treading a fine line between reality and fiction is the order of the day

  2. Maddie says:

    Hi Rachelle,
    At first, I do admit that as I watched the news back when Gittany was handed a guilty verdict, I couldn’t help but fall into the media trap that he was a vicious man who threw her to her death. However, being a media and communication student at university, I very much understand how the media works and how almost everything that appears on tv is manipulated for the audiences’ intrigue. Even before your Sunday night interview aired last week, I started to think-there are always two sides to a story and the media has completely disregarded Simons. Reading comments on my Facebook and Instagram are horrific -calling you out as an evil woman . But I don’t agree at all, I think rachelle that you are a misinterpreted figure in the media , simply a girl in love who wants to fight for the rights of her lover. How does this make you a bad person?! If I were you , I’d do exactly the same. Keep your head up! I will definitely be keeping up with this case. People need to stop being so narrow minded and understand that not everything the media or court says is true !

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Maddie,
      I’ll pass your comment on to Rachelle. Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and for making a thoughtful, incisive and fair post. We here are also appalled as to how Rachelle has been treated not only in the media, but by the prosecution too. Please do take some time to read the content presented here, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at, thank you.

  3. Redsonja says:

    My assessment, based on my interest in this case, is that Rachelle knows the facts well, comes across as an intelligent woman who has an opinion based on love yes, but also she knows the legal arguments and grey areas, as well as deficiencies in the arguments. Anyone that really paid attention with an open mind would see the fierce intelligence in her eyes and articulation. That she is well groomed, is attractive, that both Simon and Rachelle are an attractive (though non-white) couple, and stands by her man based on her conclusions about his case….I can see why this would grate the nerves of the general public who are more concerned about her designer bag than the case at hand. Trying to clear someone’s name is not in my opinion “maintaining the rage”. It is the Gittany family’s, Simon’s and Rachelle’s right to do so. No-one should admit guilt if they truly do not believe they are guilty, even if the courts rule otherwise. The way in which someone handles themselves on the stand is not conclusive of guilt. We all handle stress differently. This trial reminds me of Chamberlain’s case. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. We have rightly been reminded of the cases where the accused is found guilty ( always on who presents the facts better) and later acquitted due to an error in law or miscarriage of justice. Ronald Ryan. Hung and later exonerated. I was not surprised when I heard that Rachelle wanted to study law. In my view, the Crown relied on circumstantial evidence, assumptions were made and the court was faced with a guy who attacked a cop in the past. Whether Simon did it or not, for me, based on the evidence presented, there is doubt. That should mean acquittal. I feel sad for Lisa, and that se died in this way, that she felt watched and controlled. That no-one took her in, as vulnerable as she may ave been, makes my mind boggle. Especially Michellle Richmond. Mandatory notification of threats to a patient’s safety. This tragedy could have been averted. Michelle failed Lisa. She should never be allowed to counsel anyone ever again.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Redsonja, thank you for another thoughtful post. We will pass your comments on to Rachelle. We’ve also struggled to come to terms with the way Rachelle has been treated in the media. There’s been a lot of focus recently on the fact that Rachelle was paid for her recent interview, however what’s been overlooked is the nature of the costs one incurs fighting such a legal battle. Firstly, she’s already made a financial loss, secondly, she will stand to incur further financial loss and thirdly all money from the interview is going towards legal costs – we’re not even going to start talking about the stress associated with what essentially amounts to bullying in some cases. Another interesting point to note is that the majority of the evidence that the Crown produced regarding Simon’s character was provided by individuals who were recounting stories Lisa had conveyed to them, not relying on first hand experiences with Simon. We will be doing some research about Ronald Ryan – thank you once again for your contribution.

      Edit: I feel I should clarify the point on finances. The payment from the interview isn’t going directly to legal costs, it is going towards paying back the parties who loaned Simon money for legal costs throughout the process.

      • Redsonja6 says:

        Thank you for passing on my comments to Rachelle. She isn’t on trial nor did she commit a crime and she should, like anyone else interviewed, be paid. Here is a link to info about Ryan :
        I am amazed that people think that Rachelle sought out media attention – the first time I have heard her speak was after the trial on Sunday Night. It was the media and the public that focused on the glamorous, well dressed and attractive woman who defiantly stood by her partner who was being tried for the most serious crime in the land. I would fiercely stand by my husband if I had enough evidence to believe he was innocent!

        • Redsonja6 says:

          Additional note: definitely there is bullying of Simon’s family and Rachelle. And one more question – I presume all interviewees were paid by Seven? And who do the public think they are judging payment for this interview? Wasn’t serial murderer Chopper Read paid for all the books he sold about his crimes? Where was the public’s judgement about him profiting? Rachelle did not commit any crime. She is entitled to be paid if interviewed.

        • Administrator says:

          Thank you for providing that information regarding Ronald Ryan.

          In our opinion it shows moral fortitude on Rachelle’s part that she is actively working hard towards the end goal – that being justice for Simon. We’re glad to see that you recognise and share the same moral fortitude in regards to standing by your partner based on the evidence presented. Thank you again for your contribution!

      • Emma says:

        I’m sure Rachelle is very intelligent, and there are clearly grounds to question the guilty verdict. But Gittany’s support team undermine their own purpose when they belittle Lisa and deny that any abuse took place.
        For example: Why did Rachelle say that Simon had not broken Lisa’s finger, he only “fractured” it? Fractured is the same as broken, and this doesn’t just happen – it can only happen after undue aggression.
        Why not acknowledge that it was an abusive relationship? Why pretend that fracturing a finger is somehow less serious than breaking one?
        Another example: the photo of Simon grabbing Lisa is terrifying, yet according to his defence and his supporters, 30 seconds later she was sitting on the lounge and he was telling her she “embarrassed” him in front of the neighbours?! He wasn’t expected to apologise for a violent assault, but she was expected to apologise for running away and EMBARRASSING him? You still make him sound like a vicious bully, even when you are defending him.

        • Moderator_3 says:

          Hi Emma,

          Thank you. By no means have we attempted to belittle Lisa and we are sorry if we have done so. Is there anything on the site which you believe does this? If so please bring our attention to it and we will adjust accordingly.

          Please remember that the interview has been cut and edited and the full version was not played. Lisa Harnum had been suffering from anorexia and bulimia since the age of 16. There are many affects of this eating disorder to the health of one’s bones. There are numerous studies which reflect this There is also a condition related to eating disorders called amenorrhea and it is also bad for your bones. Lisa Harnum was also experiencing amenorrhea due to her eating disorder. We acknowledge that Simon’s actions are wrong and should not have taken place. When Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum used to argue, Lisa Harnum would run away from Simon. In this particular argument Lisa Harnum and Simon Gittany had an argument and Lisa attempted to run away. Simon grabbed her hand bag to stop her from running. They both had hold of the hand bag and neither would let go. The handbag had a metal handle and Lisa Harnum hurt her finger. After the argument Simon Gittany took Lisa Harnum to the doctor to discover it had been minimally fractured. We do not condone this behaviour and are only trying to give you the context of the argument.

          We accept that Simon should not have told Lisa Harnum he embarrassed her in front of the neighbours. Simon most definitely should have apologised for his actions. Simon Gittany has accepted blame for his actions and acknowledges his method of questioning was not correct and he should have apologised instantly.

          • Emma says:

            Umm – this seems like an elaborate excuse for a broken finger, and it’s not backed up by any factual evidence about Lisa’s health. “Numerous studies” might point out that people with bulimia can develop brittle bones, but did Lisa have brittle bones? Was early onset osteoporosis mentioned in the autopsy?
            Amenorrhea is when a woman’s periods stop during her childbearing years – there are a lot of reasons this happens, but it’s a bit of a jump to say there’s a direct link between Lisa’s amenorrhea and bone degeneration or early onset osteoporosis. Also, anyone with osteoporosis who was constantly exhibiting life-threatening behaviour, such as jumping out of vehicles, would have been permanently in a wheelchair. There are pictures of her working out in a gym just weeks (?) before she died. It’s amazing her doctor would have allowed to do this if her bones broke easily.
            I’m really ready to listen to any factual evidence about Lisa’s death but all this unsubstantiated victim-blaming is very distressing and unnecessary. It is not Lisa’s fault that Simon broke her finger.

          • Moderator_3 says:

            Hi Emma,

            We are unable to test early onset osteoporosis because Joan Harnum organised for Lisa Harnum to be cremated. We would also like to point out that we have cited Lisa Harnum’s will and her wish to be cremated was crossed out and signed by Lisa and a witness.

            From Lisa’s hospital records it is evident she was primarily anorexic. She experienced bulimia during relationships or circumstances in which she had to eat in front of others.

            All studies reflect the same effects on the body:
            Dry skin- This is evident from Lisa Harnum’s medical records
            Dry or chapped lips- This is confirmed by Simon Gittany and videos of Lisa constantly putting on lip salve
            Poor circulation resulting in pins and needles and/or purple extremities – unknown
            Headaches- This is confirmed by Lisa’s medical records
            Brittle fingernails- Lisa also had fungi on her finger nails
            Bruising easily- unknown as never tested
            Frail appearance – up to one’s interpretation
            Endocrine disorder leading to cessation of periods in girls (amenorrhoea)- Lisa had a history of amenorrhoea, this is documented by her medical records and confirmed by Michelle Richmond who stated that Lisa Harnum told her she had just got her period back after several months without it.
            Decreased libido; impotence in males- unknown
            Reduced metabolism- unknown
            Abnormally slow heart rate- Lisa had a scar across her heart as per the autopsy report which suggests she has had surgery
            Low blood pressure- As per medical records
            Hypertension- Unknown that Lisa suffered from this, but there is record that Joan Harnum did
            Hypothermia – unknown
            Anaemia (iron deficiency)- Lisa was iron deficient
            Abdominal pain- Lisa constantly suffered from abdominal pain and saw specialists in Sydney as well as Canada
            Oedema (retention of fluid giving a “puffy” appearance) – up to one’s interpretation
            Stunting of height and growth – unknown
            Fainting- Lisa experienced fainting as per hospital records in Canada
            Abnormality of mineral and electrolyte levels – unknown
            Thinning of the hair- Lisa complained of thinning hair and maintained hair extensions
            Lanugo (growth of fine hair layer all over the body to promote warmth)- confirmed by Lisa’s laser treatments
            Constantly feeling cold- Lisa constantly felt cold as per several text messages, medical records and videos where Lisa would wear ear muffs and gloves as well as warm hats
            Zinc deficiency- unknown but evidence of Lisa taking zinc supplements
            Reduction in white blood cell count – unknown as no tests were carried out
            Reduced immune system function – unknown
            Pallid complexion and sunken eyes – up to one’s interpretation
            Reduction of bone density which results in dry and brittle bones (osteoporosis) – unknown as never tested
            Constipation or diarrhoea – Lisa was experiencing this through out and up to date of passing away as per records of “fleet” purchases (receipts and bottles)
            Tooth decay – Lisa had her teeth re-done twice and had porcelain veneers

            The picture of Lisa working out in the gym was not weeks before she died, it was early on in Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum’s relationship. Lisa Harnum had a BMI of 17 and as per health guidelines it is suggests a higher risk to injury to train someone with a BMI less than 18.5. We share the belief with you that Lisa Harnum should not have been trained by Lisa Brown at the time of her death. Lisa Brown stated that because of Lisa’s health she referred her to Michelle Richmond as she did not want to turn Lisa Harnum away, however- still continued to train her.

            As we stated we do not condone Simon’s behaviour and do not think it is Lisa Harnum’s fault that her finger was minimally fractured, we were giving you the content to the event which occurred.

          • Georgia says:

            Sorry, I’m replying to a lower post by Moderator 3 – there is no reply button.
            The medical evidence you’ve shown doesn’t really have much significance of anything: headaches, upset stomach, missing periods, anaemia, slight fungal infection. A good proportion of women would have these items on a medical chart. Just a naturally healthy woman who didn’t eat properly when she was under stress.
            One crazy incident when she stepped out of a moving car (circumstances never explained) doesn’t automatically make it logical that she would choose to climb out a window to make a point.
            Also you seem to be implying that Lisa’s actions were all attention-seeking behaviour to elicit a response from Simon. But she was trying to leave in secret. That is not attention-seeking behaviour. This was her second (documented) attempt. She’d secretly booked a plane ticket and he wasn’t going to let her leave. It doesn’t sound like she was the one who demanded attention.

          • Moderator_4 says:

            Hi Georgia,

            The difference is that Lisa Harnum has an extensive psychiatric/medical evaluation for these issues dating back to 1999. This was not a naturally healthy woman who did not eat properly. Sadly and unfortunately, this was a woman suffering from severe anorexia and bulimia to which she was ultimately hospitalized for twice because she almost died.

            The incident where Lisa Harnum jumped out of the moving cab took place with George, Simon and Rachelle present. We will endeavor to put up the circumstances in which this took place so please be sure to check back the website for updates. Joan Harnum confirmed this took place but stating Lisa Harnum had informed her about her doing this. Lisa Harnum also opened the door of a car moving at a speed of approx 50 km/h on Parramatta road. The defence called a witness to testify to this. The defence also called another witness which testified to witnessing Lisa jump out of a moving vehicle in 2011.

            Lisa Harnum was living with a girl name Amalia before she moved in with Simon Gittany. Amalia does not know Simon Gittany. Amalia and Lisa Harnum had an argument to which Lisa Harnum secretly moved out of her apartment. Amalia testified to this in court. Do you hold the belief that Lisa Harnum was in fear of Amalia?

            There is no evidence of Lisa Harnum booking a plane ticket. This was said by Joan Harnums mother, however no flight was ever booked. In fact the text messages show a completely different story the night prior to the morning of Lisa Harnums tragic death.

            Joan Harnum messaged Lisa Harnum on the morning of 29th July 2011 saying “Hi sweetie. Are you okay?”
            Lisa replied at “I am okay mama. Everything has calmed down. I told him that you were coming down. Hope you still will. Let me know the dates and I will buy you a ticket. I will call You tomorrow when I can to talk to you more about it. Did you get tour results back from the doctor? I love you xoxoxoxo”
            Lisa sends another message to Joan at 2:23pm saying “Mommy are you okay? Xx”
            Joan replies “I am okay. How about you?”
            Joan sends another text saying “There is a flight friday coming back sunday for 1600”
            Lisa replies “Done. What airline? I’m okay x”
            Joan replies “Air canada and united. I will book from here. It is cheaper. How is everything?”
            Lisa replies “I will pay for it don’t you dare okay. Just give mr the details and I will do it in the morning. I love you xoxo”

            It is important to note that Lisa Harnum and Joan Harnum shared the same credit card. Thank you for comment.

    • JA says:


      Your comment above ascribing culpability to Michelle Richmond is offensive and, on one view, defamatory. I would have thought a non-practicing lawyer would be conscious of that.

      • Administrator says:

        JA, we’re not sure why you feel Redsonja’s comment is offensive. There’s a large gap between the testimony provided by Michelle Richmond and the action undertaken in our opinion.

        Thanks for your visit.

  4. Lukita says:

    I am totally blind with laws. But I do believe that every one has to be treated fairly in justice. Listening to the conversation between Lisa and Simon, also from Rachel’s defense of Simon, I feel that Simon is being innocent here.

    I think that Simon’s “action” to throw Lisa away off of the balcony because he was upset and did not want her to “leave him”, does not fit in the scenario. I mean, if he did not want Lisa to be far away back to Canada, why would he want to “send” Lisa far far far away and not be able to see her again

    Also why would he be seen so “stressed as if he hopelessly wished that nothing bad would happen to Lisa” in lift when he was about to run out to check on Lisa

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Lukita, you bring up many valid points that we hope many others will consider when they read the side. Thank you for your contribution.

      • Lukita says:

        I would imagine, one who intended to kill someone, after he “finished” with the task, he would not be that panic and stressed as like what Simon was

        he might be panic still in a way, but won’t be so stressed like as he’s saying .. please please please let a miracle happen or something

        Because Simon was clearly seemed unhappy at all, distraught, his body language is NOT showing that … WOW I did it… done…

        his more like … NO NO NO… why why why.. please please please

        • Administrator says:

          Hi Lukita, we agree fully and we’ve seen many people react in a similar way when they’ve been exposed to the full footage. Thank you for comment, please share the site among your family and friends.

          • Redsonja says:

            Agree…I didn’t interpret the video of Simon in the lift as being remorseful, as argued by the prosecution. To me, it was like a panic reaction, with arms raised up to the heavens as though he was saying “why?” and complete, utter disbelief. Why would someone go back and get their shirt after this incident? 1) He was half dressed and would have needed to wait for the lift anyway (he was on the 15th floor), and 2) he could have been in shock, still trying to process what just happened, hoping against logic that she could not possibly be dead. Shock results in denial of the event. This would be confirmed by him asking whether she was still alive when he reached her on street level. Though it may seem illogical, denial is a common reaction from people in shock. In my opinion, there should not have been emphasis on Simon’s demeanour or reaction right after the incident. His actions didn’t indicate remorse for a murder. Simon’s reaction to ask Lisa to “come back” strengthens my belief that Simon was in shock and denial of what had just transpired. How common it is for us to hope that a loved one who has passed will suddenly spring back to life? For the police to interview him in this state at the scene and then rely on these initial statements to prosecute him, without a lawyer present…well, I don’t think that was fair.

          • Redsonja says:

            Simon’s reaction in the lift and right after the incident could be described as acute stress disorder, yet the prosecution used his immediate reactions to indicate his remorse for what he had done. Here is a link which summarises this condition:

  5. Steven says:

    Of course the 40 odd character references speak of the convicted murderer in glowing terms. No one is going to tender character references which detail to the court a possessive, insecure and obsessive man. If you are serious in wanting the community to accept that the convicted murderer is anything but what his current status indicates, would it not be prudent to upload the character references for the publics viewing and determination? Even then, being a deeply religious man does not stop one from committing, and being convicted of the most shocking crime imaginable.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Steven, we have plans to upload the character references in the near future. However, the testimonies provided by people like Lisa Brown and Michelle Richmond are secondhand, they never had any dealings with Simon. One particular piece of testimony provided by Michelle Richmond stated that a past friendship of Lisa’s ended due to Simon no longer wishing the friendship to continue. However, the friend in question came to court and testified that this was not the case. She went on to state that the reason they were no longer friends is that Lisa had decided to move out in secret after an argument they had. The key difference between the character references here is that the 40 odd people knew Simon personally, whereas you can see in the aforementioned example that the second account of the reason this friendship ended was inaccurate and Simon wasn’t at fault. Thank you for your comment.

      • Lucia says:

        I think the glowing character references might have worked against Simon, as none of his supporters acknowledged that his behaviour towards Lisa was inappropriate in any way. Whatever happened the day Lisa died, if his friends are prepared to close their eyes to abusive actions, then Simon is not a safe man to have in the community.
        Didn’t any one of his friends say to him: “Simon, grabbing a woman like that is WRONG”. “Physically chasing and seizing a woman who is trying to walk/ run away is WRONG.” Clearly Simon has a poor chance of rehabilitation into the community if his friends and supporters will condone violent behaviour. Perhaps if his friends had acknowledged the seriousness of abuse such as the photographed assault, Simon would have received a lighter sentence.

        • Moderator_3 says:

          Hi Lucia,

          We all share the same belief as you and do not condone Simon Gittany’s actions. Simon had publicly stated his apologies and regret for his actions. However, he did not murder Lisa Harnum and that was what he received the sentence for.

      • Steven says:

        I do not believe Brown and Richmond provided character references on behalf of the convicted murderer, rather giving evidence during trial in respect to their knowledge of the deceased and their involvement with her prior to her murder. Of course Brown and Richmond were going to be providing a version of events that was not in favour of the murderer, however the character references provided by the murderer and his defence team clearly did not hit the mark with the judge in this matter as there did not appear to be any remorse or even mention of previous violent outbursts which he was also convicted of. It brings in to question how well these 40 odd people really did know the murderer if they neglect to reflect upon his true character and past indiscretions?

        • Moderator_3 says:

          Hi Steven,

          Simon Gittany has publicly stated on many occasions his remorse for stopping Lisa Harnum at the door. Simon Gittany has also stated he had no right and apologised for many of the mistakes he has made. However, we have no control over what the media portrays and reports to the public.

          The character references tendered for sentencing are from those who know Simon Gittany. Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown do not fit the criteria and certainly do not know Simon Gittany.
          Michelle Richmond stated she took notes in the beginning of the session with Lisa Harnum and the notes were in storage. The defence called for the notes with NO results (Where are Michelle Richmond’s notes?). Michelle Richmond also stated she stopped taking notes.
          Judge Lucy McCallum “was troubled with the character references stating that. A large number of people appear to openly dispute the correctness of the verdict or appear implicitly not to accept it. They all begin with the pat phrase “I’m aware that he has been found guilty”, but it is plain that some of the authors of the reference don’t accept that finding.”

          The testimony of Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown are second hand with respect to their opinion of Simon. Their evidence of the relationship is not given with a first-hand experience. Michelle Richmond only met Lisa Harnum twice and Lisa Brown only knew Lisa for 3 weeks. We did not state that the testimony of Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown is irrelevant. We stated it is not an accurate depiction of Simon Gittany’s character as they do not know him.

          The fact that Michelle Richmond had the details mixed up with someone else is extremely relevant. Michelle Richmond stated that Simon stopped Lisa having friends. She used Amalia as an example. However Amalia gave testimony in court. She is not a friend of Simon’s and does not know Simon Gittany. Michelle Richmond stated that Lisa Harnum told her that her friendship with Amalia deteriorated at the hands of Simon Gittany because she did not like him. This was completely false. Amalia gave evidence that Lisa Harnum and her had an argument and Lisa Harnum secretly packed her belongings without giving Amalia any notice to which Amalia came home one evening in the interim of Lisa moving out. There is an email from Lisa Harnum to Joan Harnum prior to the altercation with Amalia stating that Amalia is her only friend. Simon was blamed for Lisa not having any friends and this was not the truth.

          Lisa followed the advice of Michelle Richmond. This does not seem to be very clear with the public. Lisa Harnum did not organise this on her own accord. She was advised to this as a “back up” plan in case she ever wanted to leave. Michelle Richmond advised she gives this advice to all of her clients.

          Please refer to the About Simon section on the website; it will give you further details in regards to the ear biting incident you may be referring to as “violent outbursts”.

      • Zelda says:

        The testimony of Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown was not “second hand” – the trial was not the Simon Gittany & Friends Show, it was an investigation into Lisa Harnum’s death. This is disgusting to say that testimony of people who spoke to Lisa before her death and had insight into her state of mind was irrelevant because they didn’t know Simon personally. So what if Michelle had some details mixed up or if someone else contradicted something. Personally, I’m betting this “friend” who contradicted her testimony also happened to be a friend of Simon Gittany’s. I don’t know – just an educated guess.
        Regarding Michelle’s testimony that Lisa wanted to hide some clothes so she could leave Simon – was that irrelevant and second-hand too because it contradicted the 40-odd people saying how happy and loving they were together.
        I’ve never heard any public statements from Simon Gittany expressing regret or remorse for his part in Lisa’s death, even if it was an accident. The crudest and most obvious example of his lack of sensitivity was parading his new girlfriend in front of Lisa’s family every day of the trial. I understand that people can move on and have new relationships after a death, but why did Rachelle come to court with him every single day, knowing how painful and insulting that would be for Lisa’s mother? Why didn’t Simon’s mother or any of his sisters, or the 40-odd character witnesses point out it would be more empathetic to Lisa’s family if Rachelle supported him from behind the scenes.
        Because, as you said yourself, anything directly related to Lisa was “second-hand”, irrelevant. None of them cared about how the Harnum family was hurt by this even during the trial they couldn’t pretend to care.

        • Moderator_4 says:

          Hi Zelda,

          The testimony of Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown are second hand with respect to their opinion of Simon. Their evidence of the relationship is not given with a first-hand experience. Michelle Richmond only met Lisa Harnum twice and Lisa Brown only knew Lisa for 3 weeks. We did not state that the testimony of Michelle Richmond and Lisa Brown is irrelevant. We stated it is not an accurate depiction of Simon Gittany’s character as they do not know him.

          The fact that Michelle Richmond had the details mixed up with someone else is extremely relevant. Michelle Richmond stated that Simon stopped Lisa having friends. She used Amalia as an example. However Amalia gave testimony in court. She is not a friend of Simon’s and does not know Simon Gittany. Michelle Richmond stated that Lisa Harnum told her that her friendship with Amalia deteriorated at the hands of Simon Gittany because she did not like him. This was completely false. Amalia gave evidence that Lisa Harnum and her had an argument and Lisa Harnum secretly packed her belongings without giving Amalia any notice to which Amalia came home one evening in the interim of Lisa moving out. There is an email from Lisa Harnum to Joan Harnum prior to the altercation with Amalia stating that Amalia is her only friend. Simon was blamed for Lisa not having any friends and this was not the truth.

          Lisa followed the advice of Michelle Richmond. This does not seem to be very clear with the public. Lisa Harnum did not organise this on her own accord. She was advised to this as a “back up” plan in case she ever wanted to leave. Michelle Richmond advised she gives this advice to all of her clients.

          Simon Gittany has publicly stated on many occasions his remorse for stopping Lisa Harnum at the door. He has also stated he had no right and apologised for many of the mistakes he has made. However, we have no control over what the media portrays and reports.

          Simon did not parade his new girlfriend at court and while we understand your point of view this was not the intention of his or her actions. Simon felt the hatred of the public and Rachelle was able to provide an emotional support for him. Rachelle came to court with Simon because he was fragile. There was an occasion when Simon went out to dinner with his brother and saw a girl he knew from the past. He rang Rachelle with a panic attack as he knew the girl would most likely be aware of his circumstances. He begged Rachelle to come down for comfort at the restaurant. Although he had the support of his brother, he still wanted Rachelle with him. It may be difficult for you to understand, but it is not fair to judge someone based on them wanting to feel the support of their partner especially in such testing times. Rachelle and Simon never imagined the media to behave in such a manner. She accompanied him to court and sat outside during the court proceedings. They did not parade themselves in front of Lisa’s mum Joan Harnum.

          Whilst you may not understand or appreciate the circumstances of Rachelle’s support to Simon, it was very crucial for Simon. Simon is wrongfully convicted and not guilty of murder and is having his entire life scrutinized in the public eye. This could not be easy for anyone. While he may be guilty of stupid decisions, he is not guilty of murder.

  6. Anna says:

    In the 124 page judgement the judge is very convincing in two areas.
    1- how she described Lisa banging on the neighbours door. The information too about simon waking, switching the internal camera on for half an hour then turning it off. Then telling police to check the cameras as they ‘sometimes” work is very confusing.
    2-How Lisa told her mum if anything happens tell Michelle and she loves her mum and brother. Seems she knew she may be harmed and was afraid.

    I’m not saying if Simon is guilty,I have no idea.

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Anna,

      It is evident from the text correspondence between Simon Gittany and James Drivas (who was the person who installed the CCTV cameras) that there was issues with them at the time. James Drivas was actually supposed to attend Simon Gittany’s home to fix the problem. Justice Lucy McCallum also accepted this after reading the text messages. Simon turned the CCTV on for half an hour during the time he watched Pornography on the computer. He did this so if Lisa came he would see her and would not be caught in the act. We have asked for the police to provide the defence with the computer so we can corroborate Simon’s version of events with the computer history, however they will not respond to our requests.

      The phone conversation which took place with Lisa Harnum and her mother in the last call took place while Simon was asleep. Joan Harnum stated that Lisa Harnum told her Simon was in a business meeting at the time. This is not corroborated by Simon’s version of events where he clearly articulated that he was sleeping. If either of the two were true and Lisa knew she may be harmed and was very afraid, she was able to leave.

      • Steven says:

        Was your request to NSW Police the subject of a subpoena? It would be the case would it not that the police would conduct an analysis of the hard drive including the browsing history if this was the version of events provided by the murderer. Had the police not done so, before the commencement of the trial the DPP would no doubt be asking the police to do an analysis and serve such thing on the defence. Was this issue raised during the trial? If a subpoena is issued, there need to be grounds as to why the police cannot provide the exhibit to the defence or why such analysis cannot be done. Ultimately the decision will rest with a judge, the police cannot refuse.

        • Moderator_4 says:

          Hi Steven,

          If this is true then the police are failing to do their job. They did not conduct an analysis of the computer at any time during the court proceedings. At the end of the trial, they asked for Simon Gittany’s password and subsequently he provided it. The request has not been the subject of a subpoena no, we have politely requested it through email several times, with no success. The police AT NO TIME have completed an analysis of the web browsing history and at no time as this been provided to the defence. The defence are trying to obtain the computer to prove Simon Gittany’s statement that he was watching porn at this time. Do you know much about the procedures of the police after the trial has finished? Justice Lucy McCallum stated she did not believe that Simon was watching porn- so there was no point in time that we needed to request the browsing history, until she said this. We have since made several attempts to conduct an analysis of the web browsing history. However, these have all been unsuccessful.

  7. Anna says:

    I read about the sms in the judgment what I was asking is why did he tell the police you can see what happened go check the cameras or words to those effects- as he knew he had turned them off that previous morning- why didn’t he let the police know he switched them off instead of they ‘sometimes’ work. In addition Lisa could of left at any time that is so clear if she can get her stuff in storage she could of just left then and got on a plane is it certain she had even booked a ticket?
    When she ran out and knocked on the neighbours if this was her usual behavior why would Simon be at the door before her and why would he so aggressively stop her- he never harmed her physically before and why didn’t he just let her get in the left and come back???

    • Moderator_3 says:

      Hi Anna,

      We hope we can agree that Simon was in a state of shock. He had just witnessed one of the most traumatic things we think anyone will ever witness in their entire life. When Simon gave his statement to the police it was moments after finding out that Lisa had actually died and witnessing her fall. Yes Simon “thought” he had turned the cameras off, but was not entirely sure. He doubted himself. If Simon had something to hide he would have most definitely not told the police officers about the CCTV footage.

      No, there was no evidence of a booked ticket. If the police would provide the computer, the defence could check the web browsing history. The confusing thing is that the texts on the 29th July 2011 (night) between Lisa Harnum and Joan Harnum reflect that Joan Harnum was only searching for flights. Lisa Harnum told Simon Gittany that she booked a ticket and was going back to Canada. When Simon asked Lisa to show him the flight record because he did not believe her, she ran and he followed. Simon was not at the door before her. He got to her in time and as he got to her, she began to scream. We do not condone Simon’s behaviour and he has publicly admitted fault for his actions.

  8. Anna says:

    the fact he covered her mouth and she was so terrified looks sinister, the fact she screamed help me God and the fact the neighbours heard a piercing scream a minute later- what does all this mean?

    It is really sad the neighbours did not go bang on the door or check where the noise came from or try to assist could of really made a big difference.

    • Moderator_4 says:

      Hi Anna,

      There are instances, one of which was confirmed by Joan Harnum where Lisa has yelled help in 2010 on the phone to her before. This was not the first time Lisa screamed help during an argument with Simon. This may lead you to believe there is domestic violence, however Lisa told Michelle Richmond (Lisa met Michelle Richmond 8 days before her death) that there was no violence in her relationship. She also told Michelle Richmond she was adamant that she did not want to leave Simon. Simon expressed a relationship where Lisa would often run away during an argument. This is evident from text history where in one instance he tells her to come back to where she left him. This was also witnessed by Rachelle Louise (and confirmed by Joan Harnum) when Lisa ran literally away from George (Lisa’s ex boyfriend) after an argument with him in February 2010. Lisa literally alighted from a moving cab post an argument with George at a nightclub.

    • Sophie says:

      Anna, my thoughts on your question would be to think about the neighbour’s reason/s for NOT calling the police. It’s either:
      1 – too busy/none of my business; or
      2 – it’s them “carrying on” again.

      If you were the neighbour, what would you do? If the carry ons is the “usual” then I would be more incline to stay out of their way. I used to live next to a couple who were always at war, and I’d leave them to their device. On the other hand, if I was to hear the woman running out of her home screaming “God help me” , I would not hesitate in calling the police

      I’d imagine that the neighbour knocking on their door could have changed the course of Cecilia’s fate that day.

      • Moderator_4 says:

        Hi Sophie,

        The neighbour’s did state they have heard arguments before. But it is hard to understand why someone would not phone the police after “seeing their door shaking” and “hearing a woman scream God help me”. It is hard not to understand why they would not even OPEN their door to see what is happening.

  9. Anna says:

    you can see he can appeal and there is a reasonable doubt so that’s what anyone would do in these circumstances. I didn’t read Mahmood vs Crowne to figure out why he appealed as that case is really shocking what was the legal principle being compared? Thanks in advance.

  10. Wendy says:

    STOP saying things about Lisa you can’t prove. First you reply to Emma that the broken finger was probably due to low bone density, a great way to bring up Lisa’s eating disorder. When Emma asks if Lisa did have low bone density, you give a lot of medical details about the autopsy… nothing about her bone density. They would have measured her bone density, seeing she fell out a window and broke numerous bones. So if she had some kind of osteoporosis it would be in the public domain.
    She broke her finger because Simon was violent – not because she had an eating disorder. If you’re using this page as a forum to establish good grounds for Simon’s appeal, move away from blaming Lisa and stop quoting from TV pathology interviews.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Wendy, what evidence do you have that Simon broke Lisa’s finger on purpose? Both the Crown and the Defence agreed that there was no history of physical violence. Where do you feel we are blaming Lisa? We would be happy to review some of the content if you could be more specific. We feel a lot of Lisa’s past, including her medical history is pertinent. Thanks for your comment.

      • Wendy says:

        It happened during a physical altercation with Simon when she was trying to get away. It didn’t happen because she was physically frail, just frailer than the person she was trying to get away from.
        This demonstrates a physical pattern for their relationship. It has nothing to do with her bulimia or health issues, and you are doing Lisa an injustice by connecting a broken finger with an eating disorder.
        I didn’t say he broke her finger “on purpose” and I didn’t say I had evidence that it was on purpose. I’m saying a broken finger is evidence of violence in the circumstances described. Tragically, that was probably the turning point for Lisa and Simon – she probably realized how dangerous it would be to get away, but he didn’t wake up to himself and realize that there could be dire consequences for physically detaining a woman. It obviously wasn’t any kind of wake up call for him.

        • Moderator_4 says:

          Hi Wendy,

          We would just like to inform you that you do not need to use a different name every time you post. If you could just use the same one please, that would be great. We do not condone Simon’s behaviour and he accepts that he made a mistake. These are proven facts of the effects on someone’s body who has a longstanding suffering of this illness. The finger event took place in 2010. Lisa Harnum went to Canada in December 2010, after Simon was encouraging her to put on weight. He told her that if she got to 50kg he would buy her a ticket to Canada to visit her family. This is confirmed by a text message she sent her mother saying “Thank you so much for the flowers and beautiful balloons and card. I wish you were here with me to celebrate this with me. Simon has made me a promise. If I get to 50 kilos with training and keep it for at least two weeks then he will fly us both to Canada to see you. So far, I have tired [scil: three] kilos to go.” Simon did not accompany Lisa Harnum to Canada. He sent her on her own. If this was the turning point for Lisa and she realised this, she was back with her family by herself, without Simon in December 2010 until January 2011.

  11. Sophie says:

    Published articles and comments pointed out to his guilt before the verdict was handed down. Public perception is in accordance with what the media portrayed. Rachelle, you are a very courageous woman to take on the media/public onslaught. I hope you achieve the outcome you are seeking.

    • Moderator_4 says:

      Hi Sophie,

      We agree with you. And we thank you for your best wishes. Perception trumps fact.

  12. Maria says:

    Some of you people are so judgmental it would be funny to see how half of you would react if god forbid you were in this situation. I’m sure if the media put these facts from this site on the tv the public wouldn’t be so against Simon. I only remember seeing all these horrible things about Simon and all these accusations but no one seemed to advertise any if this info. People are so brainwashed by the media. I know from experience being present in a courtroom and then hearing it on the news how exaggerated and twisted the information was. News isn’t everything people read the facts before you decide to take sides. Remember only god can judge us!!!! I believe in your innocence Simon and I just want to say your family are fighting so hard for you and I hope all this truth can be realized by the public you deserve a chance in life as we all do. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

  13. Anna says:

    When I read all the case and then asked a few questions it is really quite strange that the judge found him guilty as there is a large reasonable doubt and every tiny indication that he did do it can be proven otherwise, perhaps if he was tried by jury would of been better I read he didn’t have the funds for it but either way, it will be interesting to see what happens in the appeal.

  14. Amina says:

    The media portrayed Simon as guilty before he was even convicted. I think what the public dont realize is that whether he is innocent or guilty, their perception of the truth has been manipulated by the media. What if the media was claiming Simons innocence, and showing content that was for him constantly? If he is innocent what a traumatic experience that seems to be never ending for him. Simon has been found guilty but I definately have doubt to whether he is or not.

  15. Chris says:

    I find i hard to believe that Simon Gittany dropped Lisa off the 15th floor, after, as the Judge says, knocking her unconscious. Forensics cites differently along with the whole scenario of how the crime was committed. The witness said Gittany was wearing red pjs the fact is he wearing was blue and white stipes. Why no lie detector tests?. Did the witness see anything at all? Her fingerprints were not on the glass but there was smudged finger prints. Could it be revenge by the cops for the ear biting saga 20 years earlier? The fact that the judge was a woman may have influenced her decision. It was only hearsay evidence from the victim that he committed DV on Harnum. Lack of evidence and hearsay, no real motive, crime doesn’t fit in with other statistical method of killing a partner in a domestic relationship. No proof shown regarding Gittanys intention or even violence on video or phone camera, except in the hallway which is the only time Gittany was seen manhandling Harnum. Harnum was suffering from depression and was mentally ill at the time from her health problems of bolemia and annorexia. No offence to Harnums family but I dont get it, it doesnt make sense. Gittany’s version seems more likely.

    • Moderator_4 says:

      Dear Chris,

      Lie detector tests are not legally admissible in the Courts of NSW. Thank you.

  16. Donna Fletcher says:

    I believe Simon Gittany is innocent and the situation at hand is very sad. Two people have lost their lives in this tragedy. I have been following this case abroad and will continue to do so until justice prevails. Please let me know how else I can help.