Simon pulls Lisa back inside the apartment, whilst holding his hand over her mouth to quieten her. Things settle down quickly as is historically common throughout their relationship. Simon and Lisa follow their pact, which is whenever they have an argument one of them performs an act of contrition. Simon does so, going to the kitchen and commences making Lisa a hot drink. Simon then questions Lisa as to why she ran out screaming as he found it very embarrassing. Simon begs Lisa to reveal the secret again. Lisa gets up and runs towards the balcony. The balcony connects to Lisa’s bedroom and at first Simon thought that Lisa was running through to the bedroom. Simon immediately chased after her. Lisa’s motive is very likely a gesture that will teach him a lesson and frighten the living daylights out of him. This is another common theme in their relationship, as Lisa has demonstrated previously. She opened the door of a rapidly moving vehicle and threatened to jump out without following through. On several other occasions she did jump out of moving cars, albeit not moving quite as quickly.

Lisa steps over the balcony. Lisa is unaware that the balcony is higher than the safety awning and she therefore drops further down than she has anticipated which causes her to slip and fall. Lisa would not have realised that the balcony floor and awning are not level, as this is not so apparent to the naked eye when observed through the glass balustrade. She is unable to recover as her momentum causes her to slip over the edge but she manages to hold on. We can’t be certain of what she attempted next but she either tried to swing to the 14th floor balcony or to pull herself back up. Lisa is not able to achieve either. She falls and strikes the 14th floor awning, spring boarding off and then falling to her death.

The Defence account is considerably more plausible than the Crown account. Therefore, to dismiss it on the grounds of how you feel about it is conjecture. The Australian Judicial System is built on strong foundations – conjecture, speculation, suspicions and feelings have no part in it.

It was stated in deliberation that Simon “Lied with telling ease”. He was deemed to be lying due to an interaction where he was asked whether or not he knew about Lisa’s “bank accounts”, to which he responded no. Subsequently, he was asked about a safety deposit box and an event which required him to close a “bank account” associated with a safety deposit box in Lisa’s name. He did not deem this account to be a transactional account but it was implied that his knowledge of this account also implied knowledge of the others, how this conclusion was arrived at is a mystery as they are in no way connected. Banks usually require an account to be opened and associated with a safety deposit box.