This section is aimed at providing more information regarding Simon Gittany. The prejudicial impact of hearsay and the influence of media should not be underestimated.

We as a group of individuals representing diverse cultures, genders and age groups can categorically state that our view of Simon is nothing like that portrayed by the Crown, the Crown witnesses and subsequently what was widely reported by the media.

Let’s provide a bit of context for some of the remarks that have been used to paint an unfair picture of Simon. Imagine that you have just had an argument with your spouse that has left them feeling extremely upset with you. This causes you to separate on unpleasant terms albeit briefly. Somewhere during this phase your spouse phones home to talk to their mother. Now imagine another conversation, with a friend who may be in an unpleasant relationship or who has also recently separated on bad terms.

What is the likelihood in the ensuing conversations you are going to be presented in a flattering and glowing light? Are any of the participants in these conversations going to endorse or add to the “bad” feelings?

It’s human nature to embellish and paint a more favourable scenario for oneself. There are very few individuals capable of remaining truly neutral in a situation which they’re directly involved in.

Not satisfied with simply knowing Simon personally, we’ve also made the effort to speak with many people constituting a very wide range of professions, religions and genders. This includes senior priests, men and women of all ages. It encompasses Christians, Muslims, Buddhists’ and Atheists alike. As expected they have also all validated our own extensive first hand opinion of Simon. It’s also relevant that the opinions provided were all also based on firsthand dealings with Simon. In some cases the individuals providing their opinion have known Simon for over 20 years.

Simon Gittany and all his siblings were born and brought up in Australia. He is an extremely pleasant and mild mannered individual. He has never exhibited any unprovoked aggressive tendencies. There are two noteworthy incidents in his past; one where he bit the ear of a policeman who was squashing him and the other where he got quite loud with a shopkeeper who slept with his girlfriend at the time. It’s important to note that these two incidents occurred over 20 years ago.

The other image of Simon. This is based on the testimony of a few witnesses who at best spoke to Simon briefly. Almost all of their opinions are obtained from the same source. A single source of information, the deceased. It should be noted that the relationship went through tumultuous periods. This was not unusual and had been repeated before. Is this unique or unusual in any relationship? Do people go through life with their respective spouses and never argue? The deceased was free to come and go as she pleased. This was confirmed both by the concierge at the time and video footage from the building. The argument stating she could not leave or was too scared to do so is pure conjecture.

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