Justice must be served correctly. Convicting people for crimes they did not commit is wrong. Imagine going from a misdemeanour to being locked away in prison for 30 plus years of your life for a crime you never committed. It is very reasonable to expect prosecutors to carry out their responsibilities with the utmost fairness, setting aside egotistical desires to win at any cost

These prosecutors were able to successfully convict innocents because Dookhan would chemically taint the “evidence”. This resulted in career boosts for the prosecutors while innocent men and women were torn from their families and locked in cells. To read more about this corrupt practice, visit Tainted Evidence

“The prosecutors who orchestrated the travesty have come under scrutiny but none of them have suffered as a result of their actions.” To read more about this please visit Orchestrated Travesty

“At the same time, evidence has emerged of a pattern of wrongful convictions.” To read about this please visit Wrongful Convictions

Two of Anderson’s sisters said their sibling lied about seeing Register running away from the crime scene. Brenda Anderson has repeatedly changed her account. To read more about this story please visit Sibling Lied

Sending the Central Park Five to prison for a crime they had not committed was wrong. Those who send innocents to prison are not like innocents who are sent to prison.

Contrary to arguments made by a prosecutor at two trials in 1990, four strands of hair were never ”matched” to any of the Harlem teenagers accused of beating and raping a jogger in Central Park. You could never say it ‘matched.’ It’s ridiculous.”

Corrupt judge sentenced to 30 years in prison for jailing innocent children in ‘kids for cash’ scheme. To read more about this please visit the following Corrupt Judge

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10 of the Worst Wrongful Imprisonment Cases

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