This page continues on from Part 1 and contains links that will be of use to anyone with an interest in the law.

The Judicial Commission of New South Wales website is an invaluable and informative resource. It contains bench books, practical works including relevant legislation, case law, sentencing principles and procedural guidelines. There is also original research on aspects of sentencing in a series of research monographs and a section with quick links. These links can be found here:

Bench Books
Research Monographs
Quick Links

Monograph 35 presents the findings of an empirical study and legal analysis of conviction appeals dealt with in New South Wales. The study identifies the particular legal reasons why the successful appeals were allowed, including whether or not the successful grounds were raised at trial. Links as follows:

Complete Monograph 35
Conviction Appeals NSW

Lastly, if you exhaust all the aforementioned material and you still wish to continue reading on this topic, the following is a list of books that come highly recommended:

Stephen Odgers – Uniform  Evidence  Law
Howie  and  Johnson’s – Criminal Practice and Procedure
David Ross – Ross on Crime
Pearce and Geddes – Statutory Interpretation in Australia
The Legal Aid Criminal Law Solicitor’s Manual
NSW Young Lawyers – The Practitioners Guide  to Criminal Law

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